Board Certifications

  • Family Medicine



Via Christ Family Medicine Residency
Family Medicine
Wichita, KS

Medical School

Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine
Doctor of Medicine (MD)
Hershey, PA

Undergraduate School

University of Virginia School of Medicine
Bachelor of Arts
Charlottesville, VA

Hospital(s) Affiliated With

Garrett Regional Medical Center


Ken Buczynski (Dr. B as he’s known) arrived here in 2004 with his wife, Becky and their two-year-old son, Caleb and four-month-old daughter, Sarah. They came to Oakland to answer the calling upon their lives to start a Christ centered family medicine practice in rural Appalachia, while providing outpatient, inpatient and obstetrical services for the community. Dr. B has been blessed to fulfill that calling over the years since Wellspring’s first day of operation on October 18 of 2004.

Much has changed over the years. He and Becky have had two more children, Micah and Anna – born right here at Garrett Regional Medical Center. They have also added a fifth “child” to their family a few years ago as a young gal from the community moved in to rent a room from them, but has become like a daughter to them. Much has also changed at Wellspring Family Medicine over the years as Dr. B has gone from a solo practitioner to now having 10 providers, including three other physicians who join him in practicing at Garrett Regional Medical Center taking care of adults as well as delivering babies.

Dr. B has had the opportunity to serve in many different capacities as a physician here in Garrett County, but feels that his work at Wellspring is the most rewarding, fulfilling and meaningful work that he does. Being able to provide care from the womb to the tomb, in the context of long-term doctor-patient relationships, not only with patients, but also with their extended family provides a depth of satisfaction and reward in the practice of medicine that has become very rare in today’s fragmented healthcare non-system.
He counts himself truly blessed to be living out his dream and answering his calling in a beautiful environment surrounded by a welcoming community. He has been blessed to enjoy many varied and wonderful opportunities during his years of service here in Garrett County and the surrounding communities.

When he’s not working, he is known to enjoy hiking, white water rafting, flat water canoeing, snowboarding, cross country skiing (perhaps his favorite outdoor activity), and mountain biking. Interestingly, as he has served as a coach on the Garrett County coyote mountain biking team, he’s realized that one of the mountain bikers is the son of one of the patients he saw during his very first day in practice – before this now mountain biker was even born! Now, he struggles to keep up with him on the trails! Dr. B has also been blessed to find a wonderful faith community at Pleasant View Baptist Church, which has helped ground him in our community and provide support and encouragement during the often challenging times of practicing medicine in a small town, not to mention the extraordinary stress and strain of responding to the surges of Covid infections over the past two years. He is so thankful for how the Lord has worked through his fellow believers at church, at Wellspring, and throughout our community to help him reflect more the love and compassion of the great physician – Jesus Christ. Not only has he been able to put feet to his faith here in Garrett County, but he has had the opportunity to serve with South America Mission as a member of the board of directors. He and his family have had the opportunity to travel to ministry sites in Columbia, Brazil, Peru, and Bolivia. It is rewarding to be part of the work of the great physician not only in Garrett County but also throughout the rest of the world.

Dr. B would like to say thank you to our community for welcoming him and his family here and allowing them to serve in so many ways. He greatly appreciates the innumerable relationships he’s developed at Wellspring Family Medicine and throughout our community. He also feels privileged to have connected in such a deep and meaningful way with so many of the people and families he has been privileged to serve. Thank you again for welcoming him into the community and especially into your lives. It is profoundly rewarding to serve you at significant cross roads in the health and life of you and your families. Whether through the birth of a long anticipated baby or whether through the sickness or even passing of a long known loved one.