Prenatal Care: We have a longstanding history of providing prenatal care to our local and surrounding communities. We treat a wide range of pregnancy-related complications, such as hypertension and gestational diabetes, as well as co-existing medical conditions like hypothyroidism and depression that can affect pregnancy. Our providers typically follow patients every four weeks at the beginning of the pregnancy, every two weeks at the start of the third trimester, and then every week for the last month or so of pregnancy. We understand that symptoms experienced during pregnancy can be unpredictable and as a result, we always have a provider on call!

Prenatal Services:

  • Prenatal Care
  • Pregnancy Complications
  • Co-existing Medical Conditions
  • Non-stress Testing
  • Miscarriage Management

Labor & Delivery: We perform all of our deliveries at the Family-Centered Maternity Suite located in Garrett Regional Medical Center, which was recently recognized as one of only three hospitals in Maryland to receive the distinction of Best Maternity Hospitals 2021 (as noted in Newsweek magazine). Additionally, our nursing staff recently received the Daisy Award for excellent patient care.

Labor & Delivery Services:

  • Vaginal Deliveries
  • Cesarean Deliveries
  • Postpartum Tubal Ligation

Postpartum & Newborn Care: Postpartum & newborn care starts in the hospital and continues on into our clinic. One of the unique aspects of our practice is that our physicians are able to follow up with both the mother and the newborn in our clinic.

Postpartum & Newborn Services 

  • Newborn Circumcision
  • Newborn Care
  • Postpartum Care, including Postpartum Depression screening and treatment
  • Contraceptive Care